4 Top Online Resources for Going Zero Waste and Sustainable Living

Living a more sustainable lifestyle is a noble goal - but deciding to go zero waste can feel extreme and daunting. However, never fear, for there are an entire army of bloggers and handy websites there to help you on your journey to reducing and reusing! Here are some online resources to give you a head start.

For household shopping

Depending on where you live in the UK (or elsewhere - hi, international friends!), finding a zero waste market can be tricky. Luckily, Zero Waste Near Me cuts out all the legwork by providing a UK-based, all-inclusive resource of local businesses and community initiatives dedicated to the sustainable lifestyle. It’s best for food, drink and household refills.

For clothing

You don’t have to give up on fashion to live sustainably, as ethical fashion blogger Ruth MacGilp will tell you. This Birmingham-born, Edinburgh-based writer has a ton of experience in fashion and marketing and is passionate about clothing that is both good for the planet and the people who make it. Follow her blog for advice as well as serious insight into the ethical issues the world of fashion is facing.

For tips and advice

This no-nonsense blog tells you exactly where to start and how to maintain a zero waste lifestyle (or as close as you can get). Lauren Singer’s website Trash is for Tossers is dedicated to giving you the perfect jumping off point to start reducing the amount of waste in your day to day life. It is bursting with lists like “4 Ingredient Homemade Zero Waste Dog Treats” that will take your efforts to the next level.

For recipes

There is an excellent section on the Going Zero Waste website dedicated to recipes, from homemade nut butter to big veggie mains for special occasions. Even the BBC is getting in on the action with recipes for your leftovers, which you can find here.

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