6 Sustainable New Year’s Resolutions

As every brand in the world tells you that a new year should mean a new you, we think a slightly different approach is in order. Changing everything about yourself at the stroke of midnight on December 31st is a lot of pressure - you may find yourself giving up by January 23rd. Plus, we think you’re pretty great the way you are.

Instead, why not try small adjustments and more achievable goals? Sticking to them will make you feel good and encourage you to keep going. Here are some of our suggestions for sustainable - in more ways than one! - New Year’s resolutions.

Meatless Mondays

Giving up meat is a big commitment and is also one that some people aren’t able to make for various reasons. However, one person giving up meat one day a week can save an average of almost a ton of CO2 emissions a year - easy and effective! 

Swap out one disposable item

This could be face wipes, plastic razors, straws - if you ditch the disposable version and make the switch, it not only helps the planet but could also save you money. If you want to take this one a little further, you can even swap out one item per month.

Commit to a cup or bottle

Invest in a keep cup and a reusable water bottle and then be strict with yourself. Make sure you keep both handy and try not to buy coffees without your cup handy - this may mean missing out on a couple of caffeine fixes but you probably won’t forget next time!

Give up one item that comes in non-recyclable packaging

This could be crisps, biscuits or, dare we say it, chocolate bars. Either ditch them entirely or try to find an alternative that has recyclable packaging. It might even give you the added motivation to get rid of an unhealthy habit you’ve been trying to kick.

Walk or bike more

Depending on disability and indeed opportunity, this may be more or less possible for you but for those who can, trying to walk or cycle more reduces emissions and is good for your health. Start out just substituting one bus or car journey and go from there.

Shop sustainably

Not everyone has a zero-waste shop near them but if you do, why not commit to doing at least some of your shopping there? If you only have supermarkets nearby, try bringing your own bags, opting for loose veg and options with less packaging.

We wish you luck with all your resolutions and remember, if you fall down, pick yourself up again and start again. None of us are perfect but we can all make a difference. Happy 2020!

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